Child Development Resources

As your child gets slightly older, just as you’ve started to think you’ve got this parenting lark cracked, you may suddenly hit new challenging areas where a little perspective and assistance can really help navigate through. This is by no means comprehensive, but we’ve pulled together a few resources to get you started, and point you in the direction of further information.



They say there is no sense crying over spilt milk, but when it’s 3am and your baby is screaming, it’s hard not to.

Feeding can be one of the hardest parts of being a new mum, but whether you are using breast, bottle or both, there are lots of resources to help you. You are not alone!

Local Breastfeeding Clinics

Monday 10-12pm Devonshire Arms, Balham High Road (run by NCT)

Friday 10-12pm Franciscan Children’s Centre

National Breastfeeding Helpline

A voice at the end of the phone with practical real world advice.  They are open 9.30am – 9.30pm every day of the year.  Reach them on 0300 100 0212 or you can live chat here.

La Leche League

Mother to mother support, through their helpline or chatline, accessed here, and through local meetings.  LLL Clapham host a coffee morning every Tuesday at the Imperial Durbar, Tooting Bec, 10.30-12pm.  Contact them here or on facebook .

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

There are lots of useful resources on their website, here, and also a helpline 0300 330 5453 open 9.30am-10.30pm.

Bottle Feeding

There is a local support group for mums who are bottle feeding (including mix feeding alongside breastfeeding), based on facebook to give virtual hugs and support.  Find them here.



The current advice is to start introducing solid foods at 6 months, if your baby can sit up and hold their up head, can co-ordinate eye, hand and mouth, and can swallow.  Until the age of 1, food is really for fun so don’t stress the weaning, and have some fun exploring flavours and textures with your little one.  The NHS has clear basic advice on introducing first foods and there are lots of recipes online to give you inspiration.

Baby Led Weaning

There is some debate about whether purees can lead to picky eaters, which has led to a trend for baby-led weaning – letting the child do it all.  Read more about the theory and approach here.


Many parents are worried about choking risk so this is a great time to do a baby first aid course.  Smallwood Children’s Centre offers a course (contact the centre for details) or there are a number of private providers such as Daisy First Aid or First Aid for Life who run regular local courses or will come to your house (it can be a good thing to do together with your NCT group).


This can be the time that allergies become apparent.  It’s advised to introduce nuts, dairy, eggs, fish & shellfish, wheat and gluten one at a time.  Your GP can refer you to the allergy clinic at St Georges if you have a concern that your child has allergies. Lots of local parents have been through this so do ask for tips and advice on the Tooting Parent Network facebook group.



No baby should sleep through; regular wake ups is a way of staying alive and a sign of an active brain. So don’t panic if you little one isn’t sleep 12 hours straight at 4 weeks old.  Many of us have 5 year olds who still haven’t slept through the night.  Having said that, sleep deprivation can adversely affect your ability to be a great parent, can affect relationships, and is not pleasant, so it’s worth doing what you can to encourage healthy sleep habits.


Numerous books exist all with slightly different takes.  The most recommended from the parents of Tooting are Sensational Sleep Plan by Alison Scott Wright; How to Enjoy Year One by Rachel Waddilove; No Cry Sleep Solution; Gina Ford; Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child.


Various sleep training consultants are available locally – either in person staying over at your home, visting for a daytime consultation, or available on the phone or by email.  It’s worth asking around for personal recommendations, again the Tooting Parent Network on facebook is a great place to do that.

Classes and Workshops

Practical tips can also be gained from classes and workshops.  Nurturing Mums run post-natal classes covering sleep tips, see below for details, while Doctor and Daughter run specific toddler and baby sleep workshops.


General Advice

Newly launched locally is a series of post-natal classes covering many of the above topics.  Nurturing Mums run a 5 week course covering baby development, sleep, first aid, and an introduction to weaning with practical non-judgemental advice.  Details can be found here. The next course to run starts on September 26th at The Grove in Balham.