Making contact

…share your experiences of new levels of exhaustion with other local parents…

Local mum-extraordinaire Jo created TootingBaby in 2010 after desperately leafing through six different leaflets whilst trying to find a “sodding nursery rhyme session”! When Jo moved away in late 2013, another local mother Ellen took over web admin.  Ellen herself made the move out of town and since mid 2016 Rebecca has been running the site, keeping the calendar content up to date and bringing new local information to the other pages.  It is completely voluntary-run, and fits around being a mother and full time childminder, so do let Rebecca know if any of the information is out of date – she does her best to get round as many of the listings as possible but sometimes things change at short notice.  Rebecca is contactable on and @tootingbaby on Twitter. 

To meet other local parents, join the private Tooting Parents Network group on Facebook (formerly called Tooting Baby Network!), and let us know your expected due date/baby’s age/age of other children. There are hundreds of other local parents with similar circumstances in the group, so it won’t be long before meet ups can be arranged and the eating of cake can commence! The group is also used by parents to post reviews of playgroups and cafes, share information about all sorts of events, and ask questions about all sorts of parenting issues. 

Parents also use the site to ask for recommendations of local tradespeople – so much so that we have been able to collate a list of tried and trusted local people covering everything from roofing to pedicures!  The list can be accessed here. 

And in addition to the core group, we have set up Tooting Parents Buying/Selling as a discrete site for trading goods and services.  You can often find great child-related bargains from local parents looking to de-clutter as their children grow up.