Log in and Jiggle!

Don’t let social distancing get you down! ‘Log In and Jiggle’ is here to save your sanity. Sessions are running from 10:00-10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays and 3:15-3:45 on Tuesdays.

Everyone joins in! The class is led by a qualified Early Years and Primary School Teacher, who has tailored the session to include circle games, singing, musical instruments, a make shift parachute and other props. It’s all about standing up, getting active, learning something new and doing something different. We put a fresh spin on traditional rhymes, as well as introducing a wide variety of lesser known songs. And since everyone is encouraged to join in, it’s a great work out for adults as well as children.

Growing through play. It’s all fun and games but through joining in, the children will be developing their whole selves across all areas of learning. Skills such as turn taking, socialising, listening to and following instructions and collaborating are at the heart of each session, whilst enriching language with key vocabulary and enhancing gross motor movements.

Join us… Book a spot and you will be sent an email with a link to join ‘Zoom’ (app will need downloading before,) and some suggestions of things to ‘bring’ to the session.

All ages are welcome, though the session is designed for toddlers- onward. We start promptly at 10am so please aim to be online slightly before to say your ‘hellos’ as it’s an interactive platform.The link to book is Happity@Home or you can book through Hoop