FREE online intro to Postnatal Fitness and Wellness

Local mum and personal trainer Anya Russell is offering a FREE online 14 Day Intro to Postnatal Fitness & Wellness starting on Monday 28th September. 
You’ll receive daily info/videos from Anya (a pre/postnatal fitness coach) and have access to a closed Facebook group, which will just be set up for the 14 day duration. 
On the first day Anya will help you set a mini goal for the fortnight and then begin on the basics of postnatal fitness, which is getting your core and pelvic floor working together. 
As you progress through the 14 days there will be some mini workouts aimed at rehabbing and rebuilding your core and some of the topics you’ll be covering will be diastasis recti (and how to check yourself for it), the importance of postpartum nutrition and looking at posture and ways to improve your alignment. 
There’ll also be live Q&A’s where you can ask Anya about any of your postnatal fitness and wellness concerns.
If this sounds right up your street, just need to fill out this quick form.