Tots tantrums are often caused by frustration as they struggle to communicate. This class teaches you a language you can both understand. Each week they cover a different theme which incorporates puppetry, songs and gestures all wrapped up in a supportive environment with lots of opportunity for questions, answers and a chance to recap where needed.

Sing and Sign classes are aimed at teaching baby signing in an entertaining and illuminating way to families who are seriously interested in improving two-way communication between parent and child. Classes are help in Clapham.

Tiny Talk runs signing classes for both babies and toddlers. Baby signing classes allow you to effectively communicate with your baby before they can speak. The Toddler classes continue to develop your child’s communication skills whilst you’re having a brilliant time together. It’s the TinyTalk you love, but more physical and interactive to suit developing minds. Toddlers are not meant to sit still! The nearest classes are in South Norwood and Worcester Park.